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Giving Properties a Face-Lift

For Outdoor Spaces That Please the Eyes

Transforming outdoor spaces is what we do best at Accent Brick Pavers in Fort Myers, Florida. A family business backed by more than a decade of experience, we are capable of turning your yard, driveway, or pool area into an inviting outdoor space. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote or estimate. 


Client Testimonials


“Accent Brick Pavers is one of those special companies that does excellent, on-time, work! You can depend on this team to listen to your needs, help you with the choices, and deliver professional service. We love our new patio - it turned out perfect thanks to the great customer service from Accent Brick Pavers.”

 - T. Halford 

Mission Statement

By listening to your needs and paying attention to the smallest details, we aim to give you the best outcome possible. With us, you can always expect to receive top-notch customer service and property improvement solutions at competitive prices.

The Beauty of Pavers is an Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your outdoor paver area looking nice. Cleaning, sealing and weed control are the main components of a paver maintenance plan.

The maintenance of pavers is a relatively simple task. Little or no maintenance is often needed depending on the type of pavers that have been used. In essence, different types will require different levels of maintenance. This is because certain pavers are more susceptible or resistant color fading, and for some pavers, removing grime and dirt is easy.

Concrete pavers

The beauty of concrete pavers is that even if they are stained, damaged or broken, they can be easily replaced with little or no fuss by simply removing the damaged paver and replacing it with a new one. Stains are often masked by the color of concrete pavers, however weeds in joints will need a pesticide or herbicide in order to maintain.

Travertine Pavers

Although stone pavers are very durable and can last for decades, weeds can grow between their joints. This is best taken care of by using a sealant or pesticide to deal with the problem.

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